Radio interview

Behind the Scenes & Meet the Team

Join us backstage: Meet the crew and get to know what happens behind the scenes
Delivery day: Dorrie watches her Life Story for the very first time

Doris May Bowles Life Story

At 103 Dorrie is still going strong. A remarkable woman with a boundless passion for people and helping those in need. We completely fell in love with her. An example to us all.
Sydney takes a break during filming

Sydney Oblowitz Life Story

Sydney's 'Life Stories' interview was conducted by his 16 year old grandson Ronen and includes wonderful footage of his late wife Sarah's piano playing as well colour film from their wedding in 1940
Daves housekeeper Marty featured strongly behind the scenes

Dave Meyerowitz Life Story

A Legend. Advocate Dave Meyerowitz was the highly respected tax guru, father, grandfather and community leader who died aged 94 in February 2011. His Life Stories interview was filmed in November 2010 and is a wonderful record of an event filled life.
Life Stories planning meeting with Rickys daughter Tash De Agrela in Adelaide, Ricky & Lisa in Cape Town

Adventurer Ricky De Agrela's Life Story - lnterviewed by his daughter Tash

Microlighter Ricky De Agrela is the world record holder for the longest journey (65 000km and 32 countries) in the smallest aircraft ever. His daughter Tash conducted his 'Life Stories' interview via Skype from Australia
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