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Glen, Cape TownI wanted to tell you the that birthday video was truly brilliant.

There wasn't a person in the room - including those who didn't know my overseas friends - who didn't rave about it. I've seen a few in the genre, but yours put all of them in the shade, completely. Damn well done, thanks a million.

Glen, Cape Town

Sylvia Beck, Cape TownI would like to thank you most sincerely for the very professional way in which you organized my 'Life Story'. You made it very easy and fun for me, and the finished product is excellent and has been much enjoyed by many friends and family. I can highly recommend this way of capturing and preserving a lifetime of memories.Hope to see you again soon

Warmest wishes, Sylvia

Sylvia Beck, Cape Town

Peter and Kay Bales, Cape TownHi Lisa, Just wanted to say a huge, huge, THANK YOU for our wonderful precious "Life Story",we love it and are absolutely thrilled with the production. Thank you for the hours you have put into this very professional product. We can see that you have an absolute passion for your work and you have done a brilliant job. An old friend who watched the video yesterday laughed and cried and was truly "blown away" by our life story. Huge thanks to Ross and Pierre who both did sterling jobs

Peter and Kay Bales, Cape Town

Issy Rudolph, JohannesburgHi Lisa,
Please accept my warmest gratitude for your guidance patience and friendship in producing the beautiful DVD on my life story. Whomever sees it just raves!! If ever my grandchildren and gr8 grandchildren should decide to look at it and say "HEY THAT GREAT GUY IS MY GRAMPS" I will look down from above with a smile and say "Lisa did it". G-d Bless you.
With love Issy

Issy Rudolph, Johannesburg

Rochelle James, Cape TownIt was amazing and most enjoyable experience to do my Life Story. I wanted to do it because I feel that time is running short and I wanted it for posterity, for my kids and for my grand-kids. The finished product is really a truly amazing visual document. My journey through time was captured really well. Lisa and her team managed to capture me authentically and I would certainly recommend it to others.
Rochelle James, Cape Town

Rochelle James, Cape Town

Neil Meyerowitz, Cape TownMy Zeida Davey was a pinnacle in our lives. He had so many incredible mannerisms, idiosyncrasies and stories to tell and although I heard and saw them all the time, I would eventually have forgotten a large portion of them, but that's not something I have to worry about too much, now that we have the Life Stories DVD.

We begged Zeida to write an autobiography, like so many others have done, but he didn't want to. That's when we came across the work Lisa was doing and it seemed the perfect path to follow. He was a little reluctant initially, but he came around and really enjoyed the experience. He laughed remembering all the jokes and stories and Lisa and her team really put him at ease throughout the filming and editing.

This DVD that we now have is invaluable to us. It will continue to generations and we're all very grateful for that.

Neil Meyerowitz, Cape Town

Lindsay Meyerowitz, Cape TownIt was a completely wonderful experience working on my Zeida Dave's life story with Lisa - the team took great pains to make sure he was comfortable and guided him every step of the way as he told his life tale. I was so thrilled to be actively involved in the process from the initial interviews to having real input in the editing of the film, it made that the final product even more special knowing that I was a part of making it with him. It exists now as a living memory and tribute to his life and ours and will forever be cherished.

Lindsay Meyerowitz, Cape Town

Gerald Kleinman, Cape TownI embarked on this project with mixed feelings, but am satisfied that it was a most worthwhile one.
Firstly let me commend you for the masterly way you handled the preparation. You spent an inordinate amount of time in searching out items such as newspaper cuttings,meaningful photographs and apposite details in discussion with me.

The balance of personal family relationships and communal activities was indeed correct and very much appreciated by my lovely wife, Rene.
Then, of course , the actual filming was professional to the ‘nth’degree.

Whilst I had become involved in this production, the main purpose being for my family and future generations ,it was pleasurable to hear from an acquaintance how impressed he was having watched a copy taken from the Gitlin Library.

My sincere appreciation to you. May your skills be for the benefit of others, who, like me want to pass on to those who might learn from a meaningful life.

Gerald Kleinman, Cape Town

Daughter of a Client, USAI was very impressed with Life Stories. The process was very professional from start to finish, and the final product made us smile and brought tears to our eyes. It is exactly what we were hoping for. Lisa's pre-interview research was thorough and made the content so much more meaningful. Her enthusiasm throughout the project was an inspiration.

Daughter of a Client, USA

Michael Rudolf, JohannesburgWe had a special afternoon today watching the video (of my father Issy) from start to finish. The consensus is that it is a fabulous and is exactly what we wanted; a wonderful legacy of dad and mom’s lives. There were a lot of tears and laughter. Thank you so much for your expertise and skill and the lovely manner in which the project was done. Please convey our thanks to your team

Michael Rudolf, Johannesburg

Hajiera Safiedien-MaloonLisa, thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to come and talk to the seniors about your work. The work you presented was exceptional, all were touched by the life stories of the people that you presented to them. They were also very moved by your passion to help keeping important memories alive. The time and effort that you invested in the organisation is much appreciated. Thank you for making a positive contribution.

Hajiera Safiedien-Maloon

Marian Elterman, CanadaThe Life Story Lisa made with my father is so valuable. It exactly captures his style and personality, the kind of person he is. He saw it as a project he did for the sake of his children, I see it as a wonderful conversation with him, me and my children (his grandchildren).

Lisa was enthusiastic and energetic, planned out how she was going to do the task, and came through with what she promised.

Marian Elterman, Canada

Rod Suskin, Cape TownMy mom has had the most remarkable life, so for her 80th birthday I decided to give her the chance to document it for her family and her future descendants. What an incredible experience that was. Mom is quite a feisty 80, but Lisa and her team handled her with aplomb. They treated her with dignity and respect, and both she and I (who did the interview) were treated like celebrities. The interest and care they showed her made it so much easier for her to tell her story and to handle the challenge of hours in the chair and with a TV crew. And what a crew – true professionals, this team could teach a thing or two to major network crews I have worked with.

I cannot overstate how the experience really made moms’ birthday special for her. Lisa is an artist, not only in production, but in handling what must often be a challenging demographic of people to work with. Mom felt so validated, so relevant, and felt that her lifelong treasure of memories had been honoured. And most importantly, that a critical personal history of a critical time in history had been preserved for future generations. The DVD that LifeStories produced in the end was of the highest quality imaginable, something you would only expect from the highest end of the television industry.

The gift of that special day for my mom, and the forever DVD that came out of it, would have been a bargain at twice the price – after all, how do you put a price on ‘priceless’? But somehow LifeStories have managed to produce a product that is genuinely priceless, and genuinely forever. It doesn’t get better than that. I would strongly advise anyone, everyone, to take the opportunity to preserve the memory and history of their families. It’s a no-brainer, its truly the greatest gift you could give to your entire family, even those members not yet born. Without a history we are no-one – but now all our future children can be someone.

Lisa, and the crew at LifeStories, thank you from the roots of my family tree to its still-growing top.

Rod Suskin, Cape Town


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  1. Joanne Jowell Goldstein October 17, 2018 at 10:52 am #

    Talk about bringing life to life!

    My father’s Life Story Project has given my family an incomparable gift. Not only was it a real joy to put together – hunting for photographs, dusting off old stories, and the highlight (for me) of journeying with my father (and Lisa and camera-guru Eaton!) to his place of birth and youth, but it was an unforgettable experience to witness my family watching the finished product for the first time. We all viewed my dad’s life story with fresh eyes, including the star of the show himself, and this beautiful documentary captured his story, our story, in the most moving and riveting of ways.

    A Life Story Project is so much more than a ‘nice to have’ … it’s a ‘have to have’!

    Thank you Lisa, for capturing our family’s history in full technicolour. Your patience, meticulousness, sensitivity and downright artistry are simply remarkable…Not to mention your drama skills!
    Jo Jowell Goldstein (and Jowell family members now and always!)

  2. Walter & Jill Fnlayson September 1, 2013 at 9:34 am #

    Hi Lisa,

    Just to let you know the whole family is thrilled with Walter’s life story. I am sending copies to all our families overseas.
    Well worth doing and it was lovely to work with you and Alex.
    Thank you!!
    Walter & Jill

    • Lisa Chait July 30, 2017 at 6:55 am #

      Delighted to have been a part of it – Lisa

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