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Hi all,

I am so pleased with the response to Life Stories so far.   Magic is clearly in the air ! So many of you instantly understand what we are trying to do with this site and a lot of you who are much more techie than me have made some great suggestions.   I look forward to many brainstorming sessions.   For now, though, the priority is to do the basics – i.e film the interviews and respond to the numerous people who have contacted us since we launched just 3 weeks ago.   I am currently filming quite a few people (squeezed in between other work commitments) and will upload them as soon as the edits are done.   It takes while:  we do a pre-interview, then go back and film a week or so later, then go into the edit and then do the compressing for online uploading. Not forgetting still pics, captioning and writing a text box summary of the interviewee’s life.

In two weeks time cameraman/editor Peter Greenwall and I will be interviewing 102 year old Dory Bowles who is so bright and clear and marvellous.   A simple and powerful human being who has led a quiet and amazingly contributive life and is an inspiration to us all.  Her daughter Janet contacted me and Peter accompanied me to the pre-interview.  We both completely fell in love with her as I am sure you will when her interview is posted within the next month.

Dory Bowles, aged 102, Cape Town September 2010

Dory Bowles, aged 102, Cape Town September 2010

Interviewing Dory at her home, Cape Town, September 2010

Interviewing Dory at her home, Cape Town, September 2010


Max Kaisen, in her comment on our BLOG PAGE, describes a bizarre take on digitally preserving memories.    A company is embedding radio frequency tags onto headstones:


This is crazy stuff, and not quite my scene but it did grab me because, like it or not, it falls into the category of keeping the detail of our lives on record using the very latest technology.  The next step is obvious:  embedding video into gravestones (with colour co-ordinated burglar bars protecting the flat-screen mini TV’s if you live in S.A).   Embedding video into headstones is totally the kind of thing I would do.  In fact I think it’s brilliant! (read ‘trademark‘).  If there is a creative venture capitalist reading this, lets talk.  Rather than purely detail we could add an ‘If have learnt one thing’ comment as a mandatory ending to all our interviews (no pun intended).


In his comment on our HOME PAGE ‘Rob’ flagged an important issue:  The question of privacy.   We are working on a way to offer online privacy so that those of you who want your videos posted on this site but only available to selected viewers will be able to do this.   You will have a code that you can email to anyone on your privacy list.  It’s in the works …

I hope, however, that those of you who commission interviews from LIFE STORIES recognise how important each and every life is as part of the  broader historical record and that the lessons and meaning they offer to people might be more powerful than your desire for privacy.     All lives are important and worth sharing.   We come into this life for a reason and the detail and experience of our journey are, by their very nature,  contributive.  The good, the ‘bad’, the sad, and the glad.    Just a thought …


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  1. Jenny Perkel May 27, 2011 at 8:07 am #

    Hi Lisa
    I love the Lifestories concept and I look forward to having mine done one day. You have always had wonderful, interesting stories to tell about so many different things. It’s really fabulous that now you are helping others to tell their stories in such a meaningful and enriching way.

  2. Sharron May 16, 2011 at 7:46 am #

    Lisa this is such a wonderful idea. I take pictures and we have four generations of women alive, my Mom is 89. However, having the sound, the gestures, the laughter and character of the person is so much better and so very precious, not just for the children of that person but for generations to follow so that they know their ancesters. I believe that is something we’ve lost over the years, the knowledge of our ancesters and who they were. It’s grounding, it’s helpful in knowing who one is.I used to take videos but nobody ever looked at them so I stopped. This is a more structured keepsake to pass down, and it must be a joy for you to do – that’s great. May you go from strength to strength.

  3. laurence April 7, 2011 at 10:23 am #

    When Lisa left Cape Talk I was rather sad as unbeknown to her, the live radio she presented for many years had become a part of my life. The much maligned cliche that ‘everything happens for a reason’ applies here. At first glance, the ‘Life Stories’ concept is pure genius. Its easy to see from the website what the intention and purpose of the business is. Your intuition and insight is superb. You will leave a stunning legacy. I will watch your progress eagerly. Finally, the (Dave Meyerowitz) Dennis Davis interview is ….excellent. The essence of his character and love of life is evident. Well done, to all best wishes for your promising future.

  4. Kirsty Leith October 28, 2010 at 6:57 am #

    Hi Lisa

    I had such a good laugh meeting you at Michael and Jenni’s house for Michael’s birthday celebration 3 weeks ago. Your passion about this project is so vibrant and I want to extend my support and positive affirmation for a process that is clearly very healing and chathartic for both those sharing their stories and lessons gleaned through life; and for those with the gift now, of being able to grow and learn through accessing these stories.
    Learning about the struggles that people have overcome gives one the strength to fight through ones own battles with courage, fortitude and a deep belief that things always do work out and that no matter what the sun will always rise and the earth will always turn.
    May ‘lifestories’ continue to grow from strength to strength.
    With love Kirsty

  5. Cristina Martinez September 18, 2010 at 9:08 am #

    Hello Lisa.
    Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations!
    This is an awesome project, idea and new journey that you have embarked on yourself as well as to the opportunity that you are offering all of us to grab and enjoy. I think it is brilliant! We need history, the type of history that can touch our hearts. The stories that can bring light and clarity about our past and to understand our present lives. Thank you so much for being the mother of this project and give birth to so many new lives-stories.
    Much love and blessings

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