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Expert one-on-one interviews are done by Lisa Chait or a member of her team. You will receive a beautifully produced, edited and researched film, audio recording or Life Story book in hard copy or digital format.   

Lisa Chait Life Stories

Lisa Chait Life Stories


Retrospective Life Stories: We will help you honour those who are no longer with us, interviewing family and friends who knew and loved them, so that their story and the essence of who they were can be captured forever.

Family Documentaries: We will craft a unique film about your family, featuring a wider narrative than the Life Story of a single member. 

Special Occasion & Milestone Videos: We will create a short-version film, which can be shown at an event or to sent to your network.

Corporate & Organisational Life Stories: We will help you share the story of your business or organisation.


We produce Life Stories virtually or in-person. We can be anywhere, anytime.


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