Sydney Oblowitz – Volunteer SAAF 12th Sqaudron Boston Bombers WWII

SYDNEY OBLOWITZ. [12/12/10] Welcome to the Life Story of Sydney Oblowitz.  Sydney lived in Cape Town, South Africa and at 95, when he was filmed, still had a remarkable recall of events, facts and people from years past. He was born in the quaint fishing village of Hermanus outside of Cape Town on 26th September 1915 and died on 14 December 2013 in Cape Town. Sydney’s parents immigrated to South Africa from Eastern Europe in the early 1900’s to escape persecution and to find a better life.Sydney was happily married to his late wife Sarah Oblowitz (nee Cohen) for over 60 years, living for the majority of it in Vredehoek Avenue, Cape Town where Sarah’s piano playing and love for music filled their home. They had 4 sons: Jeffrey, who died tragically in a car accident aged just 32, Leonard who now lives in Europe, Danny who lives in Australia and Eddie who lives in Cape Town.  Sydney is also a proud grandfather and it was one of his grandchildren, Ronen Oblowitz, aged 16 (Eddie’s son) who conducted this Life Stories interview. In it you will enjoy anecdotes and photographs from Sydney’s life growing up in Hermanus, rare colour film of his and Sarah’s wedding at the Garden Synagogue in Cape Town in 1940, fascinating stories and photos describing Sydney’s experiences in World War II and the Six Day War and wonderful footage of Sarah playing her beloved piano at the Oblowitz home in Cape Town.


Movie Trailer: ‘My Life – Sydney Oblowitz’ Part 1: Sydney’s parents come to South Africa,  info on Sydney’s father Jacob Zelig, Sydney’s family geneology.

Part 2:Sydney’s mom Rachel, stories from Sydney’s childhood in Hermanus Part 3: Meeting Sarah and getting married: includes colour wedding film (1940)

Part 4: Stories from WWII,Tobrouk and the Middle East Campaign.
Part 5: Sarah Oblowitz’s love for music: includes film of  the late Sarah at her beloved piano.

Part 6: Raising the Oblowitz boys, the death of Jeffrey, Sydney volunteers for the Six Day War.
Part 7:Sydney’s secrets to over 60 years of happy marriage, Sydney’s current motto: ‘Every day is precious’ 


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