CORNELIUS SUIJK [2010] This interview with then 86 year old Cornelius Suijk was conducted in the Netherlands in January 2010 by Life Stories founder Lisa Chait. Suijk is a former director of the Anne Frank House who in 1998 made the existence of five secret pages of Anne Frank’s diary known to the public. The pages attracted worldwide interest and a protracted legal battle ensued with Suijk claiming copyright. The Dutch Government eventually declared Suijk the legal owner and the five pages have since been published in updated versions of the diary. Click here to see them. 

This interview features Suijk’s account of how he was approached by Otto Frank to become the custodian of the now famous five pages, as well as the reason Otto had not wanted them to be published until after he and his second wife had passed away. Suijk talks about working with Miep Gies, Otto’s former employee and the woman who helped the Frank family in hiding and rescued Anne’s diary.

He also shares background about his own life and his capture and imprisonment by the Nazi’s. Cornelius Suijk died on 4th June 2014, aged 90. Life Stories thanks Antonio Bredeveldt for filming this interview.  

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