Dave Meyerowitz with grandchildren Neil and Lindsay

ADVOCATE DAVE MEYEROWITZ. Welcome to the Life Story of 94 year old retired advocate, tax guru, father, grandfather and communal leader Dave Meyerowitz.  Dave, or ‘Uncle Davey’ as he was known by many, died on 7th February 2011 in Cape Town, South Africa. 

Dave had an extraordinary career as South Africa’s leading tax expert, retiring only in his 90’s.  He was also the countries most prolific and respected legal writer and editor on the subject.   He founded and for 56 years edited the  still published monthly journal ‘The Taxpayer’, ran a busy practise and wrote numerous books on tax which are still in print and widely used today.

He was married to Chavie for over 60 years, had three children and was a truly proud zeder (grandfather).

This Life Story is a collection of anecdotes and adventures from Dave’s early life, career,  family and communal life.  It is introduced by a tribute from Judge Denis Davis (Labour Appeal Court, Cape High Court & Judge President of the South African Competition Appeal Court).

Trailer: ‘Meyerowitz on Meyerowitz’

Part 1: Family Lithuanian roots, Dave’s parents, immigration to South Africa.

Post Interview Comments: Dave and his grandchildren

Introduction and Tribute by Judge Dennis Davis

Part 2: Siblings, growing up in Salt River Cape Town.

Part 3: Local characters, childhood stories, Jewish food and delicacies, ‘bobbameises’, childhood games.

Part 4: Cheder, childhood stories, Dave’s mother (and her death), SACS Junior and High School days.

Part 5: University of Cape Town, working at the Masters Office, joining the Bar, thoughts on an  unfolding life.

Part 6: Meeting and marrying Chavie, the children, living with his mother-in-law.

Part 7: The Late Meyerowitz (stories about last minute Dave), amusing court stories, why Dave chose tax as a career.

Part 8: Early days at the bar, writing his first book, founding and editing The Taxpayer, the pros and cons of a focussed mind.

Part 9: WW II stories, Dave’s tax consultancy, free tax advice from Meyerowitz himself.

Part 10: Two criminal cases: Dave illustrates how justice is not always done.

Part 11: Meyerowitz on religion,  communal involvement.

Part 12:Meyerowitz on himself: a frank (and very funny) personal assessment

Part 13: Rude Uncle Davey performs his nursery rhymes, Final Argument: reflections on life and thoughts on what’s ahead.

2 Responses to Advocate Dave Meyerowitz (94) – An Extraordinary Life

  1. Jonti Marks Jo Tyler August 23, 2015 at 10:16 pm #

    Hi- we are researching Jacob Meyerowitz-who was married to Jonti’s aunt Patricia ( nee Marks) from UK, then lived New York then Pennsylvania. Is Dave Jacob’s brother? We would love to share our research with you . Jo and Jonti

  2. admin September 3, 2011 at 1:06 pm #

    Dr Dave Meyerowitz died in early 2011 just 4 months after we finished interviewing him for this Life Story. It was a huge joy and a pleasure to work with him on this wonderful project. He was a passionate and involved Executive Producer with a real sense of what we were creating together. At the age of 94 he embraced film and the Internet as a powerful source of preserving family memory. He is sorely missed but his legacy lives on …

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